Instantly Select INACTIVE Facebook Friends And Unfriend Them With One Click
  • Removefriends extension will scan your Facebook profile through your browser and report on who of your'a friends is engaging with your posts and who is not.
  • Using RemoveFriends extension, you will be able to find and delete inactive friends.
People Use Remove Friends To...
 Search For Inactive friends
You can search  for friends who are not engaging with your posts, select them and unfriend them with one click!
 Save A Huge Amount Of Time
Using this tool will save you a huge amount of time and you will be able to make more money Through sales!
 Why I should remove inactive friends 
The Facebook algorithm prioritizes posts that receive engagement. If your priends don't engage with your post then your reach will be limited.
Geniuses Getting MORE Leads & Sales On Facebook,
While Spending LESS Time & Effort By Using RemoveFriends
"I'm not usually a testimonial guy... but RemoveFriends for Facebook extension saves me so much freakin' time! It search for Facebook friends who don't engage with my post and unfriend them instantly!" - Attan
  RemoveFriends Extension Features
  •  Search for Friends who don't engage with your posts.
  •  You can select friends you want to unfriend.
  •  Unfriend selected Facebook friends with once click
  •  Search for Facebook friends who engage with your posts.
  •  You can see when and how they engage with you.
  •  You can setup the number of Facebook friends friends you want remove at once.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Remove Friends For Facebook helps me find out who engages with my content and who doesn't. I've already found 487 people and removed them.
After doing this my engagement increased.
Ali Lihic
I reach maximum friends on Facebook, so I wasn't able to add new ones...
I started to delete them manually, but it was so time confusing to find out who engage and who don+t engage. I run Remove Friends For Facebook extensions. I find more than 2000 friends who were not engaging with my content. I removed them and my organic reach increase more than 3x.
Jessica L 
   Why I should remove inactive Facebook friends?
Inactive facebook friends kill's your engagement so you reach is limited.
  Do I need anything else for this to work?
Nope! You just need a personal facebook profile and RemoveFriends extension. Ectension works on crom and edge browser on desktop device.
 Do you have training?
Yes! We have video training inside our facebook group.
 How can I receive customer service?
We have chat for support as well as a facebook group community where you can submit your questions. You can also send us email to  
Unlimited SEARCHES
  • Submissions: UNLIMITED (we don't reccomed to remove more than 50 friends per day)
  • Profiles: unlimited
  • Searches:unlimited